• Carbon Steel Slide Damper Gate Valve Easy Operate High Temperature Resistance
  • Carbon Steel Slide Damper Gate Valve Easy Operate High Temperature Resistance

    Carbon Steel Slide Damper Gate Valve Easy Operate High Temperature Resistance

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: NIL

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pieces
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Product Name: Slide Damper Gate Valve Material: Carbon Steel
    Color: Customer′s Request Actuator: Manual
    Nominal Pressure: 0.05-0.375MPa Application: Water Industrial Usage
    High Light:

    slide gate damper duct


    manual slide gate damper

    Product Description

    Carbon Steel Slide Damper Gate Valve Easy Operate High Temperature Resistance

    Manual Slide Gate Damper Valve Under the Dust Collector


    Product description


    1.The plug-in isolation door at the entrance of the combustion chamber is a product designed and developed by our company and the General Electric Power Planning and Design Institute and Central South Electric Power Design Institute.The door is driven by electric (pneumatic, manual) devices. Easy to operate, safe and reliable. The door panel is made of stainless steel, which has high temperature and corrosion resistance. High-temperature-resistant sealing silicone rubber is installed between the upper and lower door frames, and the degree of sealing can be controlled by adjusting the tightness.

    2.The isolation door is installed on the pulverized coal pipeline at the entrance of the combustion chamber, and the door panel is moved in the door frame by electro-pneumatic or manual, which cuts the pulverized coal gas passage between the coal mill and the combustion chamber (boiler to ensure that the combustion chamber flame is not Enter the pulverized coal pipeline.

    3. The isolation door is an indispensable device for the safe operation system of the power plant boiler.


    Classification of sliding door


    Electric sliding door, manual sliding door, pneumatic sliding door.

    Manual plug-in door is also called manual screw gate valve. Most of them are used for unloading device. There are two types: square mouth and round mouth. The manual plug-in valve is durable, has small flow resistance, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, and is widely used.

    Pneumatic sliding door is a main control device for the flow or conveyance of powder, grain, granules and small pieces of material. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, food, chemical and other industries to control the flow change or quickly cut off the flow. .

    There is a round port with a diameter on the gate plate of the electric plug-in door. The opening and closing of the gate plate makes the round port on the gate plate completely separate from and match the path.


    Technical Parameters


    (1) Model representation method:

    Electric sliding door DZM (model) -W (width) × H (height)

    Pneumatic sliding door QZM (model) -W (width) × H (height)

    Installation position: horizontal air duct, vertical air duct, inclined air duct.

    (2) Circulating medium: cold, hot air or other gases.

    (3) Design pressure: 0.35MPa

    (4) Design temperature resistance: ≤400 ℃

    (5) Internal leakage rate: ≤0.5%; External leakage rate: 0

    (6) Electric plug-in door: power supply AC three-phase three-wire ~ 380V / 50Hz or determined by the user

    Pneumatic isolation door: power supply AC ~ 220V / 50Hz

    Air source compressed air 0.4MPa-0.8MPa


    Structure Introduction


    (1) The plug-in door adopts a fully-enclosed structural design. After the plug-in board is opened, it is located in a closed maintenance room on the other side.

    (2) The sliding door adopts a special flat plate, and the sealing surface of the sliding plate is processed by turning and milling cuttings, which has a small sealing gap and good sealing performance.

    (3) The connection method between the panel door and the on-site pipeline can be flange bolt connection, reverse flange welding or direct butt welding of pipeline.

    (4) The electric plug-in door is axially moved by the screw pair driven by the opening and closing electric device, and then driven by the guide transmission screw sleeve to drive the plug-in board, and the plug-in board is pulled out or pushed in to complete the opening or closing action of the plug-in board, which runs smoothly. reliable.

    (5) Pneumatic plug-in door is opened or closed by the opening and closing cylinder inserted into the housing.

    (6) The opening or closing of the electric (pneumatic) plug-in door is restricted by the sliding ball chains installed on the two sides of the housing, so that the plug-in board is restricted to run within the rail guide. The optimized design scheme is adopted to make the plug-in board move smoothly and lightly, and drive torque small.

    (7) The plug-in door can be operated remotely or controlled by programs, and has a DCS remote control interface. The electric sliding door is equipped with an electromechanical integrated electric device, which can be operated locally and remotely, and is equipped with a hand wheel operating mechanism; the pneumatic sliding door is equipped with a cylinder and provides a control box, which can be operated locally and remotely.

    (8) The assembly and debugging of electric (pneumatic) moving device and plug-in door, the limit switch or magnetic switch setting on the electric (pneumatic) plug-in door has been adjusted in place before leaving the factory. It can make the electric (pneumatic) movable sliding door operate normally.


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