• Original Metal Coal Bunker Dynamic And Static Adjustable Labyrinth Seal
  • Original Metal Coal Bunker Dynamic And Static Adjustable Labyrinth Seal

    Original Metal Coal Bunker Dynamic And Static Adjustable Labyrinth Seal

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO 9001
    Model Number: NIL

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Name: The Original Coal Bunker Connection: Flange And Welding Are Acceptable
    Speed: 1r/min Weight: 2t
    Power: 3kw Place Of Origin: Jiangsu, China
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    industrial dust collector


    dust collection system

    Product Description

    Original Metal Coal Bunker Dynamic And Static Adjustable Labyrinth Seal

    The original coal bunker Dynamic and static adjustable labyrinth seal


    Product overview


    The original coal bunker is an insignificant part in the thermal power plant, but it is also the most prone to problems


    Very serious.


    The enterprise is committed to solving this problem for the power plant and other enterprises, with four years of research, test, now successfully developed can completely solve the power plant


    The national patent product of the enterprise for this bottleneck problem is the rotary shovel type blocking and clearing machine for the original coal bunker (patent no. : ZL201020262144.1).Installation of the equipment


    The lower end of the warehouse body replaces the original warehouse body, which is composed of the spatula turning along the warehouse wall, the upper and lower sections of the warehouse and the external drive, which is changed by the relative motion of the spatula


    The coal flow direction, always keep a loose gap between the coal and the warehouse wall, can completely break the coal knot arch formed by the balance, completely eliminate the attachment


    The coal on the warehouse wall fundamentally solves the problem of coal plugging.At the same time, when the equipment is not running, there is no other equipment in addition to the shovel, not on the coal


    Flow creates obstruction.At present, it is the only state-level new patented product that can completely solve and prevent coal plugging in China.


    Working principle


    Our company's original coal bunker rotary shovel type blocking machine is divided into three parts, the upper and lower parts are divided into static warehouse, the middle part is rotary shovel.its


    The whole part of the warehouse is easy to block, so the rotary shovel type anti-block cleaning machine is the key part to solve the blockage of the whole original bunker.


    The device is composed of reducer, electric control box and body, etc. Its operating principle is: the driving wheel mounted on the reducer drives the slave wheel to rotate and is mounted on the slave wheel


    The spatula on the driving wheel runs in sync with the spatula, shoveling the blocked coal away from the bunker wall so that it loses the supporting force point attached to the wall, and thus in its own gravity


    Under the circumstance of automatic fall, clear the blockage, keep the coal bunker smooth, fundamentally solve the original coal bunker coal blocking problem.


    Product technical parameters


    Model: khfd-1 speed: 1r/min


    Power: 3KW weight: 2t


    Installation position: the connection form of blocked bunker section: flange and welding are acceptable


    External size: diameter is the size of the customer's existing coal bunker, and the height shall not exceed 2000mm according to the situation of on-site coal plugging


    Equipment features and performance


    1. Sealing characteristics


    Adopt static and adjustable labyrinth seal, divided into upper and lower seal.Pulverized coal is a poor medium, so it is difficult to seal. The new material used in this equipment has a seal


    Reliable, durable and adjustable.


    2. Structural features


    Rotating spatula circulates along the wall of the warehouse to make the coal attached to the wall detach from the wall, causing it to lose its stress point and fall off.The spatula is synchronized with the drive and adopted


    Flange connection, easy installation.


    3. Stable and reliable transmission


    Adopt electric drive, the way that pair of wheel connects, drive and drive part are arranged outside warehouse wall, vertical arrangement, won't hinder the flow of coal inside warehouse at all, drive


    Stable and reliable.


    4. High degree of automation


    PLC control, can achieve local and remote monitoring, according to user needs to set manual, timing, automatic and other operating control methods, another automatic


    Test start mode, when the coal is broken, the equipment automatically open, to ensure the normal flow of coal.Motor adopts German SEW with frequency conversion protection, more stable performance.PLC


    Germany Siemens is adopted to ensure the reliability of operation.


    5. Long service life of the equipment


    The main parts of the spatulator adopt a whole forging forming, 40Cr, with high wear resistance and strength, can effectively prevent equipment corrosion, fracture, wear, use


    Life is long.The warehouse walls can be made of different materials according to the user's requirements.


    6. Small maintenance and convenient maintenance


    The driving part is designed on the outside of the warehouse body for easy maintenance.In order to prevent the harsh environment in the field, the driving part is equipped with a protective cover to protect the driving equipment


    Normal operation.


    Installation and debugging of rotary shovel type blocking and clearing machine for original coal bunker


    1. Use the crane to lift the whole equipment to the operating platform of the coal feeder, and then transfer it to the bottom of the coal bunker to be transformed.


    2. Before installation, the external dimensions of the parts to be modified should be measured carefully according to the drawings, and checked with the relevant interfaces of the equipment, so as to determine whether the modification plan should be changed.


    3. Draw the upper section to cut the circumference line on the warehouse body to be modified according to the figure, and the lower section to cut the circumference line along the upper part of gate valve.Check the air cannon and other lines for dryness


    Those involved should be removed.


    4. Weld the two opposite flanges on the original coal bunker.


    5. Hoist the original coal bunker with zipper hoist to the installation position, if the position is not suitable, it can be realized by adjusting the expansion section of the lower part.lifting


    According to the actual situation, additional lifting lugs can be added or the position of lifting lugs can be changed.Note: prevent lifting deformation of equipment.First wear the 6 ~ 8 retaining bolts and then pass through the reducer


    Impeller manual rotation shovel knife, see whether the rotation is flexible, there is no interference, whether the seal is tight, if there is a problem to solve on site.After confirming no problem, tighten all bolts.


    6. Electric control part: professional electricians shall connect the motor, control cabinet and power supply according to the circuit diagram.


    7. When all equipment is installed, first select "manual" and "remote/local" on the control panel as "manual" and "remote/local" as "local".


    Then the device and its control cabinet shall be charged, the "emergency stop" button shall be reset, and the power indicator of the control panel shall be observed.Manually press the "start" button to observe the slave wheel


    No "clockwise" direction rotation, whether the supporting part rotation is flexible, there is no abnormal vibration friction sound.Manual "emergency stop" button is out of service immediately if any abnormality is found.If the shipment


    Line is normal, keep running for 2 hours, check the sealing condition, current size, temperature rise of reducer, etc.


    8. When no load is on, select the "manual/automatic" selector switch on the control panel to select "automatic", "remote/local" selector switch to select "local" to effectively simulate the coal break signal.


    Observe that the device starts normally.The signal of simulated coal failure is invalid, and the observation device will stop automatically for 180 seconds.


    9. After loading the original bunker, select the "manual"/" automatic "selection switch on the control panel and select" local "and press" emergency stop"


    Reset the button and observe the power indicator on the control panel.Manually press the "start" button to observe whether the slave wheel is rotating normally and whether the supporting part is rotating flexibly


    Unusual vibration friction sound.Manual "emergency stop" button is out of service immediately if any abnormality is found.If the operation is normal, keep the operation for 2 hours, check the sealing condition, current size,


    Reducer temperature rise, etc.

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