• Pipe Constant Spring Hangers And Supports , Variable Spring Support Anti - Corrosion
  • Pipe Constant Spring Hangers And Supports , Variable Spring Support Anti - Corrosion

    Pipe Constant Spring Hangers And Supports , Variable Spring Support Anti - Corrosion

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO 9001
    Model Number: NIL

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Working Temperature: -20~120℃ OEM: Available
    Specification: As Design Drawings Connection: Pipe Hanger And Support
    Technics: Casting Or Forging Place Of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    High Light:

    constant spring hanger


    constant force spring hangers

    Product Description

    Pipe Constant Spring Hangers And Supports , Variable Spring Support Anti - Corrosion

    Pipe hanger and support, constant spring hanger and support,variable spring support


    Main features of Hengli support


    1. Keep constant (2%) across the entire range of displacement and load adjustment;
    2. Low resistance, using ball bearings to reduce resistance;
    3. The displacement direction is always along the symmetrical straight line, the connection point and the load are on a straight line, no deviation will occur, and no torque will be generated on the connecting piece;
    4. The adjustment range of the load is large (adjustable range: 40% -100%). Give users a large adjustment margin;
    5. The aging-treated spring is used for stable performance and the error is less than 2%. And with anti-corrosion protection layer, good anti-corrosion performance;
    6. There are many product specifications and a wide range. The load range is 0.1KN-400KN, and the maximum stroke is 900mm;
    7. Using standard components, users can choose matching according to the requirements of the working conditions, and can also use more than two single hangers;
    8. Small size and light weight. There is only one lifting point, which can be rotated to avoid collision. Simple and convenient installation;
    9. Use professional software to make user design and selection very convenient and fast;
    10. It is equipped with stroke (mm) and load (KN) scales to facilitate adjustment and inspection during installation;
    11. Long life (more than 40 years), no maintenance required for life;
    12. Fast delivery. Maintain a certain amount of inventory and can deliver quickly;
    13. Because installation management is convenient and saves time, the overall economic benefits are good.

    Unique design of constant force hanger

    The structure of the constant force type supporting hangers of Bideli Energy Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is unique. It uses three sets of high-quality springs, and through a precisely calculated design of the transmission device, to maintain a constant force within the specified load and displacement interval, and always ensure that the direction of the force is vertical, which is the current international advanced structural form. Its performance far exceeds the products of other domestic factories. There are obvious scales on the panel of the support and hanger, which can directly read the cold and hot displacement and load values. Before leaving the factory, all the hangers are locked in the cold position with red clips. After installation and water pressure test, they are removed and placed on the side earrings.


    Special stable spring

    For the hanger, the spring is the most important component, which directly determines the long-term stability and safety performance of the hanger. Our company adopts special treatment technology (spring pre-relaxation treatment) and anti-corrosion treatment to make the performance of the spring far better than general products.
    Constant force hanging form
    By virtue of the building block design, Bedelier Energy Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. produces three types of basic supports and 43 different combinations of loads and strokes.
    The standard design of the constant force crane has a working range of 0.1KN-400KN and a maximum stroke of 900mm. At the same time, according to the special requirements of customers, non-standard design can be carried out to meet the special requirements of users.
    Main specifications of constant force hanger
    11 series: single group constant force support hanger; 12-14 series: multiple groups of constant force support hanger; 16 series: constant force bracket.
    Standard product performance: the maximum load can reach 400KN; the stroke can reach 900MM; the load deviation ± 3% (VGB standard ± 5%), which can reach ± ​​2%.


    Inspection of Constant Force Support

    According to the requirements of customer orders, set and test each constant force support and hanger, and issue a separate performance test report. To ensure that each manufactured product meets the required standards.
    Function of spring support hanger
    In order to prevent the external force from directly acting on the pipeline system, the normal thermal displacement of the pipeline and other pipe fittings must be prevented from being obstructed and limited. Therefore, the pipeline must be elastically suspended or supported according to a certain rule. Instead of constant force support hangers to play this role. The allowable load deviation is usually limited to 25% of the working load. When this range is exceeded, a constant force support hanger is used. The constant force support hanger can achieve constant force suspension and support over the entire travel range.


    Features of spring-supported hangers


    Qianyuan Feida's spring support hangers are the same as Hengli support hangers. All basic spring design guidelines strictly follow the relevant regulations in international standards MSS SP58 and VGB-R510L. Adopt special heat treatment process (spring pre-relaxation treatment) and special surface anti-corrosion treatment of electro-impregnated epoxy resin coating. The shell is formed by cold extrusion without welding seams. After special treatment, the spring support hanger has a long service life and good corrosion resistance.


    The advantages of the product structure can be summarized as follows

    1. No welding (models 20, 21, 27)
    2. Fully plated surface
    3. Spring with special pre-relaxation treatment and anti-corrosion surface treatment
    4. Built-in pre-force setting system
    5. Adjustable locking system
    6. Diverse connection types


    The main specifications of the spring support hanger

    21 series: spring hanger
    25 series: spring hanger
    29 series: spring bracket
    20 series: articulated spring bracket
    27 series: damping spring
    Load setting and locking of spring-supported hangers

    FIDAK spring support hanger is preset to the installation load in the factory and locked in both directions of displacement. Factory settings are performed on a calibrated electronically controlled test machine with the following features:

    1. The factory setting of the spring crane is engraved on the nameplate;
    2. The installation position is marked on the travel scale;
    3. Cold and hot positions are marked with white and red marks on the travel scale;
    4. The locking device can be locked at any position. After unlocking, the device can be re-inserted at any position.

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