• Plug - In Electric Isolation Damper Door With Opens And Closes Flexibly
  • Plug - In Electric Isolation Damper Door With Opens And Closes Flexibly

    Plug - In Electric Isolation Damper Door With Opens And Closes Flexibly

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: NIL

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 Tons per Day
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    Detail Information

    Material: Steel Circulating Medium: Cold And Hot Air
    Designed Withstand Pressure: 0.35mpa Place Of Origin: Jiangsu, China
    High Light:

    desulphurizing baffle damper


    desulphurizing baffle door

    Product Description

    Plug - In Electric Isolation Damper Door With Opens And Closes Flexibly

    Electric Isolation Damper steel 380V / 50HZ high temperature resistant


    Product description


    Plug - in electric isolation door is suitable for boiler cold, hot air or flue need to close the occasions of isolation.For example: coal mill inlet duct, used to block hot air into the coal mill.It is the combination of foreign advanced technology research and development, it USES the opening and closing electric device and lock electric device linkage to isolate the working medium.This product works reliably, opens and closes flexibly, the seal is tight, is the thermal power plant boiler system important auxiliary machinery supporting equipment.

    Based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the electric cold and hot air plug isolation door of our company adopts the optimized structure design, which makes the equipment work reliably at high temperature, open and close flexibly, close and close tightly, and has high strength, good rigidity and durability.The company is a professional manufacturer of boiler auxiliary equipment for thermal power plants, the products have been widely used in the country's major thermal power plants.


    Introduction of the structure


    Plug-board electric isolating door is mainly composed of door frame, door seat, door plate, sealing device, opening and closing mechanism, locking mechanism, electric device and other parts.The door frame, the door seat and the door plate all adopt the mold cavity structure, after the whole heat treatment finishing forming ensures the equipment does not have the hot deformation, the special sealing device guarantees the door plate does not have the inside leakage shaft neck place does not have the outside leakage, thus realizes the ideal seal in the true sense.

    1. The opening and closing drive mechanism and locking mechanism of plug board type electric isolating door plug board are designed separately.

    When the air duct is closed, the opening and closing electric device drives the plug board to move in the direction of closing and close the air duct.Then, the operation of the locking electric device to drive the locking CAM mechanism action and lock the plate, isolating the medium flow in the wind channel.

    When opening the duct, the sequence of actions is reversed.First loosen the lock motor device, so that the lock CAM off the release of the plug board, then run the opening and closing motor device out of the plug board.

    Electric isolation door supporting electromechanical integration electric device, DCS set electrical interlock.The isolation door can be operated on the spot or remotely.

    2. After assembly, the plug plate of the plug plate type electric isolating door is annealed, and the sealing surface of the plug plate and the sealing surface of the door seat are milling cuttings.

    Ensure that the surface of the plug board has a higher flatness requirements, to ensure that close tight without leakage.

    Suitable for the hot environment, the hot air channel does not produce deformation at high temperature, stable operation.

    3. After heat treatment and chip processing, the surface of the insert plate is installed with an annular sealing packing strip.

    The height of the sealing rod can be adjusted slightly according to the uneven contact gap of the sealing surface when the insert plate is locked, until the seal is tight and there is no leakage.There is no internal leakage after the plug plate of the isolating door is closed. The CAM mechanism is designed to lock the plug plate to achieve zero leakage when the plug plate of the isolating door is closed.

    Adopt high temperature resistant nickel wire carbon fiber packing rod with very reliable performance.

    4. The plug board of the isolation door is located in an airtight inspection room on the other side after opening.

    6. The driving screw shaft is arranged on the outside of the air duct for easy maintenance.Drive screw shaft out of the door frame design has a special seal seat, no external leakage.

    7. The plug plate of the electric isolating door is opened or closed, and the guide wheel or roller on the plug plate is used to limit the operation in the rail guide. The optimized design scheme is adopted to ensure the smooth and reliable movement of the plug plate.

    8. Isolation doors can be operated remotely or controlled programmatically, facilitating process automation.

    9. The electric device of the electric isolating door is mechatronics, with limit travel switch and over-torque protection switch, and DCS remote control contact.

    Electric device and isolation door after installation and debugging.Before leaving the factory, the limit switch of the electric device on the electric isolating door has been adjusted to the position, so that the user can make the electric isolating door operate normally only by connecting the power supply.

    10. The connection mode between the plug plate electric isolating door and the pipe shall be flange bolt connection, insert anti-flange welding connection or direct butt welding connection.


    Technical parameters


    1. Model representation method:

    Electric isolating door DGM(model)-W(width)×H(height)

    2. Installation location: horizontal wind duct, vertical wind duct, inclined wind duct.

    3. Circulating medium: cold and hot air.

    4. Designed withstand pressure: 0.35mpa

    5. Design temperature resistance: ≤400℃

    6.  Internal leakage rate: 0;External leakage rate: 0

    7. Power supply: ac three phase three wire 380V/50HZ or as specified by user



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