• SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint
    • SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint
    • SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint
    • SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint
  • SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint

    SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO 9001
    Model Number: NIL

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Material: Stainless Steel Technics: Casting
    Connection: Flange Product Name: Bellow Expansion Joint
    Standard: DIN Size: DN1000~D4000
    Application: Automotive Industry, Bridge, Compensate Axial Movement In Pipe Line, Heating And Cooling Systems, Pump And Fitting Temperature: 400 ℃
    High Light:

    pipe shock absorber


    expansion joints for piping

    Product Description

    SS Material Hinged Type Plumbing Expansion Joint , Pipe Bellows Expansion Joint

    Hinged type expansion joint with welding ends ISO 9001 certification


    Product description


    Hinged bellows expansion joints are mainly used in various complicated piping systems to compensate the angular displacement of piping systems, such as L-shaped pipes, Z-shaped pipes, U-shaped pipes, etc.Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, machinery, transportation, transportation, shipbuilding, dock, construction, rubber, papermaking, textile, electric heating network, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries.




    The hinge-type corrugated expansion joint absorbs the angular displacement caused by thermal expansion or contraction along the axial direction of a pipeline, a conveying channel or a container through a change in its angle.Usually two or three pieces are used in combination. The compensation amount is proportional to the distance between the two products. Its advantages are small size and light weight. The pressure thrust of the product is borne by the hinge member. The angular hinge ripple compensator can compensate the pipeline in any direction.Angular displacement.




    1. The hinge type corrugated compensator should be checked for its model, specifications and pipeline configuration before installation. It must meet the design requirements.


    2. For the compensator with inner sleeve, care should be taken to make the direction of the inner sleeve consistent with the medium flow direction. The hinge rotation plane of the hinge type compensator should be consistent with the displacement rotation plane.


    3. A "cold tight" compensator is required. The auxiliary components used for pre-deformation should be removed after the pipeline is installed.


    4. It is strictly forbidden to use the method of deformation of the corrugated compensator to adjust the installation tolerance of the pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of the compensator, reduce the service life and increase the load of the piping system, equipment and support members.


    5. During the installation process, the welding slag is not allowed to splash on the surface of the wave shell, and the wave shell is not allowed to be damaged by other machinery.


    6. After the installation of the piping system, the yellow auxiliary positioning components and fasteners used for installation and transportation on the corrugated compensator should be removed as soon as possible, and the limit device should be adjusted to the specified position according to the design requirements, so that the piping system has environmental protectionFull compensation capacity.


    7. All moving components of the compensator must not be stuck by external components or limit their range of movement, and normal movements of all moving parts should be guaranteed.


    8. During the hydrostatic test, the secondary fixed pipe frame equipped with the compensator pipe end should be reinforced so that the pipe does not move or rotate.For the compensator used for gas medium and its connecting pipeline, pay attention to whether it is necessary to add a temporary support when filling with water.The 96 chloride ion content of the water-washing liquid for the hydrostatic test does not exceed 25 PPM.


    9. After the hydrostatic test is over, the accumulated water in the wave shell should be drained as soon as possible, and the inner surface of the wave shell should be dried quickly.


    10. The insulation material in contact with the compensator bellows should be chlorine-free.




    DN Waves MPa
    0.25 0.6 1.0 1.6 2.5
    Lengthmm Angular compensationmm/(Degree) StiffnessN.m/ (Degree)
    150 4 600/±6.1/12 600/±5.0/23 600/±4.3/36 600/±3.4/76 600/±3.0/87
    200 600/±8.9/23 600/±6.4/50 650/±5.1/115 650/±4.3/115 700/±3.5/278
    250 600/±6.8/36 600/±4.9/79 650/±3.6/200 650/±3.3/320 700/±3.9/489
    300 650/±7.2/36 650/±4.9/109 650/±4.0/278 750/±3.5/488 750/±3.2/594
    350 650/±7.0/49 650/±3.9/109 700/±3.3/314 750/±2.8/765 800/±2.7/832
    400 650/±5.5/78 660/±4.2/123 700/±3.5/502 750/±2.6/987 850/±3.0/1186
    450 750/±5.0/98 750/±3.4/293 750/±2.9/754 850/±2.9/1675 1000/±2.2/1312
    500 750/±5.1/121 750/±3.3/469 750/±2.2/987 850/±1.9/1532 1000/±2.3/2145
    600 850/±6.1/187 850/±4.4/399 900/±3.2/1869 1000/±2.9/1150 1100/±2.0/2254
    700 850/±5.9/187 850/±4.2/577 950/±3.8/768 1100/±3.0/1507
    800 900/±5.5/455 900/±3.4/764 1000/±3.9/1665 1100/±2.6/2987
    900 900/±4.9/364 900/±3.3/1054 1100/±3.8/1562 1200/±2.2/3398
    1000 1000/±5.1/948 1000/±3.2/2020 1100/±2.9/5648 1200/±2.5/5064
    1100 1000/±4.2/765 1000/±3.1/2525 1100/±2.8/4589 1300/±2.6/7356
    1200 1000/±4.1/769 1000/±2.8/3386 1200/±3.1/9870 1400/±2.9/7598
    1400 1100/±3.1/1336 1100/±2.2/5648 1200/±2.2/16630
    1500 1100/±3.9/1864 1100/±2.1/6489 1300/±2.5/13353    


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