• Stainless Steel Double Tied Expansion Joints , Duplex Axial Bellows Compensator
  • Stainless Steel Double Tied Expansion Joints , Duplex Axial Bellows Compensator

    Stainless Steel Double Tied Expansion Joints , Duplex Axial Bellows Compensator

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: NIL

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Iron,EPDM.NR .NBR Shape: Equal,Reducing,round
    Form: Flange,Coupling,Expansion Flexible Rubber Joint Flange,Union Head Code: Square,Round,flange
    Technics: Forged,Casting,Welded,Vulcanized Connection: Welding
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    expansion bellows for pipes


    dual tied expansion joint

    Product Description

    Stainless Steel Double Tied Expansion Joints , Duplex Axial Bellows Compensator

    Duplex axial stainless steel bellows compensator expansion joint


    Product description


    A ripple compensator belongs to a compensation element.The effective stretching deformation of the bellows of the working body is used to absorb the dimensional changes of the pipelines, conduits and vessels caused by hot expansion and cold contraction, or to compensate the axial, transverse and angular displacements of the pipelines, conduits and vessels.It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction.It is widely used in modern industry.


    Ripple compensator, also known customarily as expansion joint, or expansion joint.It is composed of the bellows (an elastic element) forming its working body and accessories such as end pipes, supports, flanges and conduits.Mainly used in various pipelines, it can compensate thermal displacement, mechanical deformation and absorption of mechanical vibration, play a role in reducing the deformation stress of pipelines and improving the service life of pipelines.The connection mode of corrugated compensator is divided into flange connection and welding.Directly buried pipeline compensators are generally welded (except for trench installation).


    The working principle


    Ripple compensator is a compensation device for absorbing the size change of pipeline, pipe or container caused by heat expansion and cold contraction by using the effective stretching deformation of the elastic element of ripple compensator. It belongs to a compensation element.Absorption of axial, transverse, and angular displacements.




    Because different types of ripple compensator compensation forms are different, there are mainly axial, transverse, angular and combined compensation.For the ripple compensator with multiple displacements at the same time, the total equivalent axial displacements should be calculated by synthesizing the displacements.In other words, the ripple compensator nominal displacement detection is the total equivalent axial displacement detection.


    The nominal displacement of the universal bellows is in fact the nominal displacement deformation capacity of the bellows given.For the expansion joint (compensator), the compensator, usually called the compensation amount, reflects the bellows absorption system displacement capacity, under certain conditions, the product has the maximum compensation capacity.When the bellows tube works normally, it needs to absorb the displacement of the system and produce displacement deformation.Therefore, in the design of the bellows, a certain number of ripples are designed according to the displacement of each wave. When each wave is uniformly bearing the displacement load and there is no local overload, the bellows can work normally.When the design is reasonable, a certain number of working displacement cycles can be guaranteed.This performance is regulated in the JB/T 6169-92 "metal bellows" standard



    Install and use


    1. The type, specification and pipe configuration of the compensator should be checked before installation, which must meet the design requirements.


    2. For compensator with inner sleeve, attention should be paid to make the direction of inner sleeve barrel consistent with the direction of medium flow, and the hinge rotational plane of hinge compensator should be consistent with the displacement rotational plane.


    3. For the compensator that needs to be "cold tight", the auxiliary components used for pre-deformation shall be removed after the installation of the pipeline.


    4. It is strictly prohibited to use the method of deformation of ripple compensator to adjust the installation error of pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of compensator, reduce the service life and increase the load of piping, equipment and supporting members.


    5. During installation, welding slag is not allowed to splash onto the surface of the wave shell, and other mechanical damage is not allowed to the wave shell.


    6. After the installation of piping, the yellow auxiliary positioning member and fastener used for installation and transportation on the corrugated compensator should be removed as soon as possible, and the limit device should be adjusted to the specified position according to the design requirements, so that the piping system has sufficient compensation capacity under environmental conditions.


    7. All moving components of the compensator shall not be jammed by external components or their range of motion shall be limited, and the normal operation of each moving part shall be guaranteed.


    8. During the hydraulic test, the secondary fixed pipe rack with compensator pipe end should be reinforced so that the pipe does not move or rotate.For the compensator for gas medium and its connecting pipeline, it is necessary to pay attention to whether additional temporary support is needed when filling water.The content of 96 chlorine ions in the cleaning solution for hydrostatic test shall not exceed 25PPM.


    9. After the hydrostatic test, the water in the wave shell should be drained as soon as possible, and the inner surface of the wave shell should be blown dry.


    10. The insulation material in contact with the bellows of the compensator shall be free from chlorine.


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