• Stainless Steel Rotary Raw Coal Silo Plugging Machine / Bunker Clearance Machine
  • Stainless Steel Rotary Raw Coal Silo Plugging Machine / Bunker Clearance Machine

    Stainless Steel Rotary Raw Coal Silo Plugging Machine / Bunker Clearance Machine

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: FIDAK
    Certification: ISO 9001
    Model Number: NIL

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Steel frame case sealed by plywoods with each end capped
    Delivery Time: 5~15 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
    Supply Ability: 40 tons per day
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    Detail Information

    Material: Stainless Steel Shape: Round
    Weight: 2.8t Rated Voltage: 380v
    Place Of Origin: Jiangsu, China OEM: Available
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    dust remover machine


    dust collection system

    Product Description

    Stainless Steel Rotary Raw Coal Silo Plugging Machine / Bunker Clearance Machine

    Product overview


    In the operation of coal-fired power plants, coal camber and coal breakage often occur in the coal bunker, especially in the rainy season, winter and the decline of coal quality.Sometimes a unit of 3~4 coal bunker at the same time the coal situation, the unit was forced to dump load, oil steady combustion, and even fire.At present domestic most used to install air cannon, checkered plate, such as earthquake DaQi unblock the device, but the effect is not very ideal, especially in the case of blending coal slime or wet use effect is worse, sometimes only on artificial knock on warehouse, tao to dredge the original coal bunker, coal not only dredge long impact load, will also serious pollution of the coal feeder platform, even cause boiler fire-extinguishing, unscheduled shutdown.


    In order to ensure the output of the pulverizing system and the safe and stable economic operation of the boiler, our company has developed a screw-cut type clog removal machine for the raw coal bunker, which can completely solve the problem of blockage in the discharging process of granular materials in the raw coal bunker.When the original coal bunker shed coal, rotary cut type coal bunker clearance machine will be in 2~10 seconds of automatic clearance, after the clearance automatically stop, no shed coal, no action.It can also manually control the action, but also to achieve timing start and stop, remote control.At present, it has been used in a number of power plants, and has been well received by users because of its remarkable blocking effect, high degree of automation and long service life.


    Working principle of rotary block clearance machine for coal bunker


    The working principle of the rotary block clearance machine is the combination of screw conveying principle and falling principle.The machine is composed of spiral cutter, rotating cone tube and automatic control system.


    When coal clog occurs in the original bunker, the sensor installed on the coal feeder sends out the coal break signal, the automatic control system starts, and the clog cleaner begins to work.The motor drives the conical tube to rotate around the center line of the coal bunker through the gear, and the static spiral cutter and the rotating conical tube form a relative rotary cutting motion. The spiral cutter starts to force the coal downward, while cutting the coal on the wall of the rotating conical tube and pushing it downward into the coal feeder, forming a forced coal conveying system.At the same time, collapse plug the foundation, coal on its own weight.As a result, the blocking machine and the following parts from the central flow to restore the overall flow state, along the wall of the coal is broken, the hot air from the mill can not move up to dry the sticky wall, also fundamentally solve the original bunker coal blocking problem.When the phenomenon of coal plugging is removed, the sensor will send out the signal of coal plugging, and the automatic control system will issue the command to stop the operation of the original coal bunker anti-blocking machine.


    The performance of the rotary coal bunker clearance machine


    1. Screw-cutter and screw-cone pipe constitute a helical forced feeding system to fundamentally solve the problem of coal plugging;


    2. Change the flow state of coal so that the flow state of coal inside the bunker is changed from the center to the whole flow to reduce the probability of arch formation at the top of the bunker;


    3. It is installed in the section with easy blockage at the bottom of the coal bunker, and the blockage clearance effect of this section is outstanding;


    4. Realize remote and local control conversion.Can manually control the action, but also to achieve timing start and stop;


    5. The seal design adopts the integral axial labyrinth groove seal with no leakage to improve the working environment;


    6. Rotary cutter is made by special process and welded with high strength.


    Main technical parameters of rotary block clearance machine for raw coal bunker:


    1. Rotary cutter material: 2Cr13 stainless steel


    2. Rated torque: 31.7kn.m


    3. Rated speed: 0.77r/min


    4. Clearance height: 2280mm


    5. Machine size :1755×1400×2340mm


    6. Weight: 2.8t


    7, drive ring material: ZG45 cast steel


    8. Material of rotating warehouse body: 12mm,16Mn steel plate


    9. Rated power: 4kw


    10. Rated voltage: 380V


    11. Axial rated dynamic load: 30t


    12. Control mode: manual and automatic


    13, suitable coal feeder into the outlet diameter: 1240 mm, 640 mm Φ Φ


    Scope of application


    1. Coal bunker of thermal power plant and heating company


    2. Material warehouse and raw coal warehouse of cement plant


    3, chemical plant original coal bunker


    4, steel mills, coking plant coal warehouse, raw material warehouse


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